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Learn with experience

Go on immersive virtual journeys you have only read about, so you can understand better and score higher.

Learn with experience

Save time & money

Don’t worry about the travel expenses or time. With outsiteVR, you can go on site visits anytyime, anywhere.

Save time & money

Inspiration gallery

Browse through hundreds of buildings in VR. Ge inspired for your next big projet.

Inspiration gallery

“VR can bring a new, innovative & unique dimension to the architectural studios and can make the experience of the buildings very real for students.

Dr. Prof. P S Chani
Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee

“A great initiative ! OutsiteVR Will be a very useful teaching &learning aid. I would imagine every college & teacher would like to own this product.”

Dr. Prof. Ranjana Mital
School of Architecture & Planning, New Delhi

Seeing through VR is almost getting feelings of reality. It has a great impact on students & learners. This is the coming future...

Former Head & Prof. S. Y. Kulkarni
Architecture & Planning Deptt., IIT Roorkee

This concept is really needed. VR is going to be the next step in architecture education.

Dr. Anubha Kakroo (Dean)
DIT University , Dehradun

“A great initiative ! OutsiteVR has huge possibilities and potential. Immediate demand within India is high.”

Dr. Tapan Chakravarty (Former Dean)
Ansal University

“Great for architecture education ! The students & professionals both can use outsiteVR for experiential learning & better understanding.”

Asst. Prof. Smriti Saraswat
Architecture & Planning Deptt., IIT Roorkee

Get hands-on experience of VR

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Virtual Reality (VR) is the realistic simulation of an environment
so realistic in fact that the viewer can believe that they truly are in another place.
The image seen on a screen inside a headset moves with the viewer’s head motion, simulating the new environment.
For example you can put on the VR headset and go back in time to visit the Parthenon, or get teleported to the the Falling Water House.

Outsitevr is world's first Virtual Reality based learning platform for the architecture community.
We offer architectural case studies and site visits based on the curriculum to benefit both individuals and institutes.
Our content includes VR tours of contemporary & historical buildings, urban planning, interior design and construction sites, which will give students an insight into, and visualization of difficult concepts.

Students can access outsiteVR on their smartphone, computer or any other supported device.
You'll need to signup as student to start experiencing the VR tours.
You can subscribe and pay a nominal monthly fee, which gives you full access to the premium content of outsiteVR.
Alternatively you can purchase individual tours if you do not wish to subscribe or only require to explore specific sites or buildings.
You can use your own headset or purchase one through our website if you prefer.
Even if you don't have a VR headset, you can enjoy our 360 virtual tours on your laptops and smartphones.

Architects, scholars and other professionals can use outsiteVR to benefit their practice.
They can signup as professionals and explore the immersive architectural content.
Architects can browse through various case-studies and works of other renowned architects in VR to get inspirations for their projects. Also they can share their own projects in VR on OutsiteVR.
Professors, on the other hand can access architecture curriculum and teach their students in a better way.

Institutes need to signup and subscribe as institute on Outsitevr.
It gives them unlimited access to the Outsitevr platform for all its students for the duration of the subscription period. This means that students will be able to access the service both at home and institute to enhance their learning. Teachers could use outsitevr to explain buildings and architectural concepts in an easy and immersive manner.

We have a team of experts comprising eminent architects and professors, who curate our content.
We will be happy to know more about your project.
Please send us a mail to hello@visionarch.co, and we will get back to you.

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